Historic Route by Car with Christmas celebration in Lalibela for 2012 ( Tour Code SGTT02 Duration 14 Days )

This northern historic route trip will show you the ancient civilization of Ethiopia dating back to 3000years in Axum to the medieval civilization of the Gondarian castles. Among the 7 world heritage sites in Ethiopia, which registered by UNESCO, 4 are worth to be visited in this route. The Lalibela Rock churches (the 8th wonder of the world), the 17th century Gonderian castles (Camelot of Africa), single standing stele of Axum and the Semien Mountains National Park are acknowledged by UNESCO as a world heritage. Ethiopia is also stand at the first step in Africa for its 8 World heritage sites.

Christmas celebration in Lalibela

Lalibela is known as the eighth wonder of the world a must visit sight in Ethiopia!!! charismas is Celebrated by all Christian Ethiopians in all parts of Ethiopia but Lalibela is the perfect place to celebrate Christmas in Ethiopia it is wonderful to see those beautifully dressed priests and deacons chanting at the edge of the rock hewn churches and the whole procession is on of the incredible event that world has to see

Ghion Travel and Tour offers a special fixed time departure Tour for this colourful celebration of Christ mass with the historic rout for 2012 guaranteeing you to offer best hotels and best service even in these busy days!

Dec 28: Arrive at Bole International Air Port (Addis Ababa) where you will be welcomed by Ghion Travel and Tours representative and transferred to Hilton Hotel. Overnight stay in Ghion Hotel

Dec 29: Leave Addis Ababa and drive north passing by Mt.Entoto through the Sululta plain, visiting the monastery of Debre Libanos and the so-called Portuguese Bridge. Then, proceed to the spectacular scenery of the Blue Nile Gorge, where you stop for your picnic lunch and proceed to Bahar Dar. Overnight stay will be in your Hotel.

Dec 30: After an early breakfast, drive to the mighty Blue Nile falls, commonly known as "Tiss Isat". Upon return, make a sightseeing tour of Bahar Dar. After lunch, you will have boat excursion on Lake Tana, to visit the ancient monasteries on the lake. Overnight stay will be in your Hotel.

Dec 31: In the morning drive to Gondar over the rolling countryside and scenic landscapes. Gondar is a town, which was the capital of Ethiopia in the 17th century. It is the site of ancient castle building palaces of different emperors constructed in the European middle age architectural style, Debre Berehan Silassie church with its ancient mural paintings, Emperor Fasil's pool, which is still use for the Timket (the Ethiopian Epiphany) festival held every January 19. Overnight Goha Hotel.

Jan 1: Day excursion of semein mountains national park. Appreciate Breath taking scenery of the mountain. One of Ethiopian Endemic mammal Gelada baboon and different plant species are worth to be visited.overnight hotel in gondar

Jan 2: After an early breakfast drive north of Gondar through the chains of the Simien Mountains and the Tekeze River Valley to the ancient town of Axum. Overnight stay will be in your Hotel.

Jan 3: Have a full day city tour in Axum town. Here you will visit stale tombs, which is considered to be probably the oldest monolithic stand in the world, the church compound of St. Mary of Zion, which is the seat of the true Moose's Ark of the covenant, the Queen of Sheba's palace, King Kaleb's and Gebremeskel's palace and tombs, and Archeological Museum. Overnight stay will be in your Hotel.

Jan 4: Leave Axum and drive to the 5th century BC sites of Yeha and Debre Damo monastery and proceed to Mekele. Overnight stay will be in your Hotel.

Jan 5: After breakfast, leave Mekele and drive through Ambalage chains of mountains, and proceed to the 12th century legendary town of Lalibella. Overnight stay will be in your Hotel.

Jan 6: Visit of the monolithic rock-hew churches in Lalibella town, dating back to the 12th century and which is considered to be the 8th wonders of the world and have optional excursion to visit some of the rock hewn churches around Lalibella town built prior to the churches in the town. In addition to the architecture of the churches, here you will admire the panoramic view of the town with the surrounding beautiful sceneries. Overnight stay will be in your Hotel.

Jan 7: Early in the morning attend the very colorful Chrismas procession performed by beautifully dressed priests and deacons chanting at the edge of the rock hewn churches and the whole procession is one of the incredible event that world has to see Afternoon Visit some of the churches

Jan 8: Depart Lalibella town to Kombolcha. Visit Hike Istifanos monastery. Overnight stay will be in your Hotel.

Jan 9: Depart Kombolcha to Addis Ababa. Here you are cloth to the land occupied by the Afar shepherds, a semi-nomadic people who live mainly in the deserts of Denakil depression. You will encounter them on the road with their caravans of camels. Also in Senbete village, on Sunday, there is an interesting market where the Afar, Oromo and Amhara people congregate for marketing. Overnight stay will be in your Hotel.

Jan 10: Sightseeing tour that includes Trinity Cathedral-a beautiful church with a baroque style of European Architecture unique to both Ethiopia and Africa, National Museum-the home of the famous complete hominid fossil remain of Lucy dated 3.5 millions years back, Ethnological Museum-presents different collections to have an overview of the history, culture, tradition and religions of almost all tribal groups in Ethiopia, St. George Cathedral and Museum-a historical church with the traditional Ethiopian Orthodox Church architecture founded by Emperor Menelik-II, Mount Entoto panoramic view point at the highest pick in Addis with an altitude of 3200 meters, which was the site for the first palace of Emperor Menelik-II, the founder of Addis Ababa. The Merkato:-which is the largest open-air market in Africa. Evening welfare dinner party with national music and dancing, and transfer to Bole International Airport for your flight back home.

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