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Axum is both the name of an Empire and a city, the root of the Axumite Empire was the proto Axumite civilization flourished between 2000 - 1000 B.C By about 1000 BC the synthesis of proto- Axumite civilization and immigrants from south Arabia resulted in the emergence of Axumite Empire and civilization that flourished until 10th century AD. More Info

Lalibella, the site of 11 spectacular rock- hewn churches is an important historical attraction in Ethiopia. King Lalibella (r.1180 - 1221) was one of the kings of the Zagwe Dynasty which flourished after the fall of the Axumite Empire in the 10th century A.D. According to some sources king Lalibella constructed the churches in an attempt to create the second Jerusalem at the heart of Ethiopia., More Info

 Gondar was the capital of Ethiopia between the 17th and 19th century. It became the royal capital in 1636, in the time of Emperor Fasiledes, who built the first and most famous of the castles. More Info

Bahar Dar is a fast growing town situated on the shore of Lake Tana. It has many things of interest for visitors, such as its colorful market. This market is renowned for its weavers, baskets, and wood works. But Bahar Dar is more important for travelers as a springboard to visit at least two of the countries attractions; the Blue Nile Falls and Lake Tana. More Info

Harar is an ancient walled Ethiopia city. Possessing as many as 99 Mosques, Harar is considered to be the third holy city of Islam. In Ethiopia as Axum was the window for Christianity, Harar is the same for Islam. More Info

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