Historic Route With Christmas Celebration In Lalibela By Air

Historic Route with Christmas
Celebration in Lalibela By Air

Historic Route with Christmas Celebration in Lalibela By Air ( Tour Code SGTT01 Duration 10 Days ) ( Tour Code GTT07)

This northern historic route trip will show you the ancient civilization of Ethiopia dating back to 3000years in Axum to the medieval civilization of the Gondarian castles. Among the 7 world heritage sites in Ethiopia, which registered by UNESCO, 4 are worth to be visited in this route. The Lalibela Rock hewn churches (the 8th wonder of the world), the 17th century Gonderian castles (Camelot of Africa), single standing stele of Axum and the Semien Mountains National Park are acknowledged by UNESCO as a world heritage. Ethiopia also stands at the first step in Africa for its 8 World heritage sites.

Christmas Celebration in Lalibela

Lalibela is known as the eighth wonder of the world a must visit sight in Ethiopia!!! charismas is Celebrated by all Christian Ethiopians in all parts of Ethiopia but Lalibela is the perfect place to celebrate Christmas in Ethiopia it is wonderful to see those beautifully dressed priests and deacons chanting at the edge of the rock hewn churches and the whole procession is on of the incredible event that world has to see Ghion Travel and Tour offers a special fixed time departure Tour for this colourful celebration of Christmas along with the historic rout for 2012 guaranteeing you to offer best hotels and best service even in these busy days!

Dec 31: ADDIS ABABA: Arrive at the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Be met and welcomed by Ghion travel and Tours representative and transferred in to Hotel.

Jan 1: ADDIS ABABA-BAHAR DAR: Transfer to the Airport and fly to Bahar Dar and be transferred in to the Tana Hotel. Bahar Dar is a modern town on the shore of Lake Tana, the source of the Blue Nile River. Lake Tana contains about 37 islands. After noon you will have a boat trip at Lake Tana to visit the ancient monasteries at the islands of Lake Tana.Ura Kidane Meheret and Kibran Gebriel are among the famous monasteries in the area containing Frescos, elaborate painted ceilings, church crosses, crowns and attires of former Ethiopian kings and emperors. In most of Lake Tana monasteries time has stood still and the world of the Old Testament yet alive. Evening return back to Bahar Dar. Overnight at your Hotel .

Jan 2: Bahirdar -Blue Nile Falls: Morning drive to visit the Blue Nile Falls, locally known as ‘Tis Isat’ meaning ‘water that smokes’, 35 kilometres down stream from the point where the Nile River leaves the Lake Tana. The walk to the falls passes through lush reverine woodland teeming with colourful birds. Afternoon you will have City tour of bahirdar which includes the colourful basket market , Basawit Palace of Hailesilasse and the beautiful town of Bahirdar.Overnoight Overnight at your Hotel

Jan 3: Gondar: In the morning drive to Gondar over the rolling countryside and scenic landscapes. Gondar is a town, which was the capital of Ethiopia during the 17th century. It is the site of ancient castle building palaces of different emperors constructed in the European middle age architectural style, Debre Berehan Silassie church with its ancient mural paintings, Emperor Fasil’s pool, which is still use for the Timket (the Ethiopian Epiphany) festival held every January 19. Overnight at your Hotel .

Jan 4: Full day excursion to the simen mountain national park: Full Day excursion to semein mountains national park. Appreciate Breath taking scenery of the mountain. One of Ethiopian Endemic mammal Gelada baboon and different plant species are worth to be visited. overnight at your Hotel .

Jan 5: GONDAR- AXUM: transfer to the airport and fly to Axum.
Axum is the ancient capital of Ethiopia and the cradle of Ethiopian civilisation. Axum is famous for its more than 2000 year old Axumite long standing steles measuring some of them up to 33m high, the bath and palace of Queen of Sheba, King Caleb’s and other kings tombs, archaeological Museum which is widely rated as Ethiopia’s best, the church of St. Mary of Tsion, where the original Ark of covenant is housed. Legend has it that the son of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon of Israel, King Menelik I brought the original Ark from Israel to Axum. Overnight at your Hotel .

Jan 6: AXUM-LALIBELA: Transfer to Airport and fly to Lalibella, famous for its rock hewn churches dating back 800 years, and transferred to the Hotel. The brilliant feats of engineering and architecture of rock-hewn churches of Lalibella referred to as the “Eighth wonder of the world”. There are 11 rock -hewn churches in the Town of Lalibella, which 3 of them are Monolithic (free standing completely detached from the ground), 7 of them are semi-monolithic and 1 church is cave church. And there are more cave, monolithic, semi-monolithic churches in the district of Lasta region overnight at your Hotel .

Jan 7: Christmas In Lalibela: Early in the morning attend the very colorful Chrismas procession performed by beautifully dressed priests and deacons chanting at the edge of the rock hewn churches and the whole procession is one of the incredible event that world has to see Afternoon Visit some of the churches overnight at your Hotel

Jan 8: LALIBELA: In the morning half-day excursion by mule to Asheton Mariam to visit the Church that lie on the top of the mountain. The Church itself is similar in style to other rock churches, but the panoramic view of the surroundings is spectacular from the mountaintop. Return to the hotel for lunch. Afternoon spent visiting more of the rock churches in Lalibella town. Overnight at your Hotel .

Jan 9: Fly back to Addis and Deeparture – Afternoon sight seeing of Addis and Visit The Merkato,the largest open air market in Africa. Evening time farewell diner at Ethiopian traditional restaurant with folkloric dance and Departure back to home.

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