About Us

About Us

Ghion Travels P.L.C., founded in 1998, for sake of giving  professional travel services in Ethiopia.

The premier destination for all your travel needs in Ethiopia.the travel company ensures memorable trip for it’s clients around the world.

Ethiopian travel company offers unique, unforgettable experiences in Ethiopia . Ethiopia’s rich history, diverse culture, and breathtaking landscapes make it a popular destination.

We take pride in offering excellent customer service ,ensuring that your travel experience in Ethiopia is seamless from start to finish .

Our travel company offers personalized itineraries for adventure, cultural immersion, and peaceful retreats in Ethiopia. catering to every traveler’s interests and preferences, including trekking expeditions of semien mountains,a cultural immersion in ancient Axum sites, and lake Tana shores.

As Responsible travel company we prioritize sustainable, ethical practices, local community support, and preservation of natural and cultural heritage, ensuring enjoyable, Eco-friendly journeys.

Ghion travel and tours P.L.C makes sure that your journey will not only be enjoyable ,but also contribute positively to local economy and environment.

Our services in Ethiopia include accommodation bookings, transportation, guide tours, and customized itineraries, ensuring seamless travel experiences with excellent customer service and exclusive experiences.

Ethiopia offers an extraordinary journey with diverse landscapes, ancient history, vibrant traditions, and warm hospitality, making it an enchanting destination in Africa.

A place of miracles, Ethiopia encourages you to explore and offers unique trips.Let our travel agency serve as your entryway to an extraordinary journey in this stunning region of Africa.

Yoseph Getnet
General Manager

A Member of 

NTA National

About Us

Ghion Travel and Tours (GTT) is a highly organized tour company in Ethiopia established in 1998.Its major goal is to develop different forms of tourism with a new and improved quality of service provisions.

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