Business Tour

Business Tour

ghion tour and travels P.L.C   organized Special interest trips for business, conferences, meetings, and conventions , coordinating services, transport, reception, and meeting guests’ needs with efficient facilities.

Businesses explore new opportunities in a globalized environment through business tours. it offers efficient travel, cultural experiences, and networking opportunities. These trips provide market research and information sharing .

Business tours provide networking opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect with colleagues, customers, and potential customers.

business tour is valuable experience for entrepreneurs seeking to expand their horizons and tap into new market. by embarking on business tour, entrepreneurs can gain a competitive edge, establish to new heights.

It is an investment that yields profitable returns and contributes to growth and success of business in today’s interconnected world.

Business tour networking enhances connections, partnerships, and strategic collaborations, enhancing business growth through casual interactions in social settings.

Business trips offer market research opportunities, exposing entrepreneurs to diverse customer behaviors, trends, and level of competition.

Business owners can gain market knowledge through field trips, local expert discussions, and direct interactions, enhancing relevance and competitiveness by tailoring products and services.

additionally, business tour provides an excellent opportunity for cultural immersion and understanding cross cultural business practices. Every city has its unique business etiquette, norms, and traditions. by experiencing these first hands ,entrepreneurs can cultivate cultural sensitivity, which is crucial when conducting business in new markets.

our travel agency is one stand of company tries to help for entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their business with giving memorable and enjoyable trip with clients interest.

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Ghion Travel and Tours (GTT) is a highly organized tour company in Ethiopia established in 1998.Its major goal is to develop different forms of tourism with a new and improved quality of service provisions.

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