Educational Tour

Educational Tour

We design these trips so that learning takes place as part of a planned, scheduled itinerary. The trips are given by experts in the fields and focus on important historical, cultural, archeological, paleontological, geological, and other study and scientific sites. In order to provide a more structured learning environment, trips also contain books, lectures, and other auxiliary materials.

educational tour increases our knowledge and new thoughts and ideas grow up on us . Man’s education is still lacking if he doesn’t travel to significant locations around the globe. Man can learn only a portion of what is in books. However, he gains complete understanding when he travels attentively and with broad eyes.

An educational tour is a fun – filled experience. The tour provides an opportunity for individuals to get together and have fun because it may take them to far-off locations. It is an encounter that provides enduring memories together with remarkable understanding that is deserving of knowledge.

During our educational journey, there are many things in Ethiopia to learn about. regardless of whether it is history, culture, language, or society, all of which transcend much beyond what is written in books or academic papers.As a travel agency, we have prepared specialists and subject-matter experts in all fields of knowledge and instruction to address our international clientele.

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Ghion Travel and Tours (GTT) is a highly organized tour company in Ethiopia established in 1998.Its major goal is to develop different forms of tourism with a new and improved quality of service provisions.

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