Simien Trekking & Timket

Simien Trekking and Timket

Simien Trekking & Timket ( Tour Code GTT04 Duration 14 Days )

The semien mountain national park is the most interesting national park where the 4th highest mountain in Africa is located. According to Homer, the Greek gods used to spend their vacation on the Semien Mountain playing chess. 1000 of years after Homer, these natural wonders have been registered by UNESCO as a world heritage site. If not intact as in the days of Homer, the semien escarpments are still magnanimous

Ghion travel and tours Has its special package tour program for 2012 combining the most colorful Timket Festivel with trekking to the Semien Mountain

Timket Celebration (Ethiopian Epiphany)

Timket In Gondar is one of a must see event in the historic rout .Timket is a commemoration of Jesus baptism where the whole Ethiopian celebrate it in a very colourful way by bringing out the replica of the arc of the covenant in to a special Timkeet celebration place .In Gondar people celebrate Timket starting from Jan 18 to Jan 20 where thousands of people come out to the churches and bring out the replica carried by a high priest and take it to the famous Emperor Fasil’s swimming pool in Gondar

Jan 17: ADDIS ABABA- Arrive at Bole International Air Port (Addis Ababa) where you will be welcomed by Ghion Travel and Tours representative and transferred to Ghion Hotel. Dinner and overnight at your Hotel .

Jan 18: ADDIS ABABA-GONDER- Fly to Gondar over the rolling countryside and scenic landscapes. Gondar is a town, which was the capital of Ethiopia in the 17th century. It is the site of ancient castle building palaces of different emperors constructed in the European middle age architectural style, Debre Berehan Silassie church with its ancient mural paintings, . Evening attend the beginning of the colorful Timket procession from one of the 44 churches and accompany the replica of the arc of the covenant to the famous Emperor Fasil’s pool, Overnight at your Hotel .

Jan19: Enjoy the colorful Timket festival where thousands of people gather at the center of Gondar wearing colorful chanting dresses and the people wearing traditional Gondar cloth as. Afternoon enjoy some of the sight seeing

Jan 20: GONDER-SANKA BER- Drive to Sankaber, where you start your trekking in the next day. Overnight camping.

Jan 21: SANKABER-GEECH -In the morning start trekking to Geech. The fascinating scenery of Semien Mountain’s view and the troop of Gelada baboon (endemic to Ethiopia) and plant species are worth to be visited. Overnight camping.

Jan 22: GEECH-CHENEK- This day continue trekking through the semien mountain scenery and appreciate the different afro alpine plant species overnight camping at chenek

Jan 23: CHENEK-AMBILICO- This day’s trekking would cover the distance through the breathtaking landscape from Chenek to Ambilco. Birds like Lammergeyer, fan tailed raven, thick billed raven, vulturine guinefaul and animal species like klipspringer, red fox are worth to be visited. Overnight Ambilco in camping.

Jan 24: AMBILICO-RASSDASHEN-AMBILICO-From Ambilco trek to Rasdashen, the highest peak of Ethiopia with height of 4620 meters above sea level. Return for your overnight in camping at Ambilco.

Jan 25: AMBILICO-ARKWAISYE- From Ambilco trek to Alquso. In addition to the beautiful landscape you may enjoy by seeing the endemic Walia Ibex. Overnight camping.

Jan 26: ARKWAISYE-ABERGINA-Trek to Abergina by viewing the endemic mammals and birds. You may see the endemic Red Jackal. Overnight camping.

Jan 27: ABERGINA-MICHIBI -This day is allotted for trekking from Abergina to Michibi. Different species of birds will be seen. Overnight Michibi Camping

Jan 28: MICHIBI-DEBARKK-GONDER-On this final day of trekking, after trekking for a while, you will reach to Debark, where you meet your vehicle to return to Gondar. Overnight at your Hotel .

Jan 29: GONDER-ADDIS ABABA- Fly to Addis Ababa. Dinner and overnight at your Hotel .

Jan 30: city tour of Addis and Departure- Sightseeing tour that includes Trinity Cathedral-a beautiful church with a baroque style of European Architecture unique to both Ethiopia and Africa, National Museum-the home of the famous complete hominid fossil remain of Lucy dated 3.2 millions years back, Ethnological Museum-presents different collections to have an overview of the history, culture, tradition and religions of almost all tribal groups in Ethiopia, St. George Cathedral and Museum-a historical church with the traditional Ethiopian Orthodox Church architecture founded by Emperor Menelik-II, Mount Entoto panoramic view point at the highest pick in Addis with an altitude of 3200 meters, The Merkato: the biggest open air market in Africa. In the evening transfer to the air port for departure to home.

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