7 Reasons You Should Visit Ethiopia in 2023

Ethiopia is an untouched paradise for some good reasons. The place has a rich history, stunning scenery and uncharted wild and striking landscapes. It holds 70% of the total African mountains, making it a perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts.

Every year, the World Tourism Organization announces the most sustainable, serene, and satisfying places to visit worldwide. This year there are 32 villages and 18 countries that have made it to the List of Best Tourism Villages by UNWTO.  Ethiopia ranks 9th in attracting travelers to promote its culture and community values.

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What Can Tourists Expect in Ethiopia?

1. Warm & Welcoming Tribes

Ethiopia has 80 ethnic groups and 200 dialects. Each of them celebrates their unique customs and traditions. If you visit some remote areas like the Great Ethiopian Rift Valley, you can find distinct tribes who follow a thousand-year-old lifestyle even today.

The Karo, the Mursi and the Hamer are a few tribes residing in the Omo Valley, isolated from the world 1000 years back. The people are harmonious and interesting. The best part is they warmly welcome tourists who visit them and share about their age-old tribal rituals.

One can find a mix of tribes here but what is more fascinating is their artistic expressions. What is expected in them is they are incredibly friendly, proud, hospitable and always keen to show you the amazing nation.

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2. Stunning Views Around

  • The vast expanse of Lake Tana
  • Arid plains of Omo Valley
  • Sprawling city of Addis Ababa
  • Valleys of the Simien Mountains.
  • Lush, green stretches

3. Distinct & Contrasting Outlook

The experience in Ethiopia is something that will stay in your heart forever. You will feel like a historical time traveller when you step in here. It is like a different world altogether. As the world seems to get more advanced, nothing remains the same as it did exist before. But Ethiopia allows you to sense something original, raw and rare that humans do not mess up. To make this easier to discover, Ghion travel agency provides expert-curated tour packages!

The people here are grounded and old-fashioned who do not hesitate to use donkey carts and buggies. It is not only a rural area thing but a standard mode of transportation in provincial towns such as Awassa. When you move out in the country, you can see wooden ploughs drawn by oxen. The women here are in their traditional outfits and kids offer to shine shoes for a few pennies. While poverty still exists, people make their living and have enough to eat.

On the contrary, when you visit the capital town of Addis Ababa, there are buildings with modern glass doors moving upside down and people bustling around. Women here dress well like one in any other European. Unlike the countryside, there are street shops and people carry smartphones.

4. Lesser-known species Found

  • African antelope
  • mountain horned goats
  • Gelada baboon,
  • Mountain nyala
  • Ethiopian wolf
  • Walia ibex.
  • 850 bird species

National Parks To Visit

  • Awash National Park
  • Abijatta Shalla Lakes National Park
  • Mago National Park
  • Bale Mountains National Park
  • Omo National Park
  • Nechisar National Park
  • Simien National Park
  • Yangudi National Park

5. Top Religious Locations

Ethiopia has many religious sites to roam around. The town of Lalibela is home to the world’s most sacred places. It has 11 rock-hewn monolithic churches carved from a single granite block in the 12th or early 13th century. Their unique architectural designs make the structures an actual work of artistic mastery.

When you visit the site with an experienced Ethiopian Travel agency, you can learn more about how the structures are dug deep down having roofs on the ground.

Other Unique Locations

  • 99 mosques at the walled city of Harar
  • island monasteries at Lake Tana
  • the Ethiopian Orthodox church, founded 1,600 years ago.
  • Religious events like Timket, Genna and Meskel.

6. Ethiopian Food

Ethiopia has a long list of exciting cuisines loved by travellers worldwide. The food is flavourful, different and has a perfect blend of varied tastes. It is served on a communal platter so everyone can share and eat together with laughter and warmth. The options are endless for a foodie.

If you visit this place with your loved ones, you’ll have a fantastic time enjoying every bit of it. Just check with a reliable Ghion travel agency for a prior booking to be at a well-reviewed location.

7. Terrific Coffee

A good coffee is no more an ordinary beverage, it has become an emotion for coffee lovers. But did you know the place at which coffee was first discovered? It’s Ethiopia!

Going back to the 9th century, a goat herder once noticed that after his goats nibbled on the coffee beans they did not get a night’s sleep. This is when people learned about the amazing coffee and its surprising benefits. To celebrate this, Ethiopian coffee ceremonies are held every year where communities join to grace the event. They are served the freshest coffee with a massive jolt of caffeine. The cultural event is organised in the morning, noon and evening, where people reunite with friends and talk about business, politics and lives.

Final Thoughts

Ethiopia has much more to offer than can be listed. It is only when you come down to see the place where time stands still. Step out of your busy lives to have an authentic Ethiopian experience. Ghion Travel & Tours, one of the most premium Travel agency in Ethiopia can accommodate you in top locations across the countryside. Every site has something different to watch and indulge in.